Fun at Egan's

We had a packed house (sorry some of you couldn't get in----next time!!) and what an ideal audience it was, including so many good friends and new faces. And one couple who said they had no idea who we were or how they got on our mailing list but they decided to just check us out----for that gambling spirit their $10 bills in the hat were the most appreciated of all, and fortunately they thought it was worth the gamble.

We stayed afterward for a bit to have a bite to eat and watch the next show, Rochelle House, who was the perfect after-gig wind-down. Mellow, thoughtful, clean and studied jazz standards and at least a couple of her own, with two wonderful accompanists on guitar and bass. Hated to leave early but we wanted to go hang with Katie and pals for awhile.

Thank you, everyone, for coming out on such a cold night. It was so much fun to sing for you.