Songwriters in the Round

Thanks to Dusty Strings and all the Victory Music folks for hosting the Feb 19 show. Our fellow songwriters-in-the-round - Bill Davie and Matt Price - were truly inspirational. We got a kick out of hearing some of their old and new songs. The big guitar room at Dusty Strings is a great place for an intimate show. Hope to see and hear you all again soon!

          Bill Davie
Matt Price                 

 Leslie & Greg

Thanks KRPS/If Nobody Sees

Just a little shout-out to KRPS in Pittsburgh, Kansas, a radio station I didn't know about in a place I've never been to or heard of. But suddenly I'm getting e-mails from people who have heard my old song If Nobody Sees and are requesting lyrics. So thank you, KRPS dj, who not only somehow got his or her hands on a copy of my CD Shakedown, but who must be spelling my name for people to be able to track me down on this website! I appreciate your support and would be happy to buy you a cup coffee next time I'm in Pittsburgh, Kansas (or Missouri, Oklahoma, or Arkansas, who are all served by this station)! I'll post the lyrics here for a little while, in case anyone else is looking. Leslie

If Nobody Sees
(c) 1983 Leslie Eliel

I saw you this morning though we did not speak
I watched you ride by looking tired and weak
Your body was saying Can I really go on
And I thought to myself, feeling sadly

I know nothing about you, if you're hungry or fed
If you're living alone or sharing your bed
But I saw that your beauty was hidden by pain
And that no one was there at your side

You thought you were alone as you struggled and tried
Pulling all of your strength from somewhere inside
Though I could not, I wanted to call you by name
And to sing to your heart and your sorrow.

May you always sleep well in a comfortable bed
May you have what you need of money and bread
And may you always have at least one loyal friend
Or a lover who knows when to hold you

May you always feel safe and at peace in your home
May the tears that you share be not always your own
And if you have young children may you always have time
To be with them, or alone, as you want to

And when your time is done on this earth here below
May your body and mind choose the same time to go
May you leave satisfied, knowing you did your best
And if nobody sees that, well I did.

Our writing process

G: "Does this sound better as a major seventh?"... ... L: "Is there any more decaf?"